At-home Covid Test OUSD

Updates on At-Home Testing 

Hello Chabot Community,

I hope everyone is having a relaxing and restorative holiday break.

I want to clarify the guidance around the at-home rapid tests that were sent home with all students before Winter Break.

  • Test kits contain 2 rapid tests. The first test should be taken on Friday, December 31. The second test should be taken on Sunday, January 2. (these dates have changed since the original message)
  •  Test results should be uploaded to Primary. If students are already registered in Primary, you can search for the original text message and click the link. You can also go to, enter the student’s information, and you will be sent a new link.
  • If a student/staff is not registered for Primary, you can enroll at
  • If you are unable to upload results to Primary, please send them to Notify me and the office immediately of a positive test result.

We recognize that some of our students were not in school on Friday and thus did not receive at-home tests.  Huge appreciation to our amazing Attendance Specialist, Pricilla Wilson, who will be at Chabot this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31 FROM 10 am – 12 noon TO PROVIDE TEST KITS FOR ANY STUDENTS WHO WERE NOT AT SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17.

If you are unable to come during that window and unable to access an at-home test any other way, you can come to the office on Monday morning, January 3, after 8 am, and get an at-home kit to administer in your car before sending your child into class.

The new variant presents new challenges for all of us in keeping our schools safe and open.  We have had tremendous success thus far thanks to our community’s shared sense of responsibility and adherence to protocols.  Everyone doing their part and administering these tests at home before returning to school will go a long way in keeping all of our students and staff safe.

I have not yet received word of any changes to existing OUSD Covid protocols; I will communicate immediately if I do.

​Enjoy the rest of your vacations.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone in 2022!