grocery store aisle with lettuce radishes and other vegetables

Town Fridge Food Drive! Feb 12-16!

The Community Engagement Committee is sponsoring the “Food Is Love” food drive, Feb 12-16.  Please sign up to donate food (at the front gate of Chabot) and/or drive the donations to North Oakland Town Fridges (a network of public fridges where people can donate/access food 24/7) at the end of each day. Pick up a few extra items at the grocery store or clean out your pantry with your Bobcat and talk about community caring, sharing, and giving. We’re collecting:

Non-perishables (pantry staples: rice, pasta, beans, canned goods & bottled water, etc.) anytime from drop-off time through pick-up time Monday through Friday. 

Fresh items (produce, dairy, prepared meals, (but no raw meat!)) closer to the end of the school day in the coolers that will be there. 

We are also collecting Valentine’s cards to share a smile as well.