Volunteer Information and Requirements

Volunteer Information and Requirements

Chabot Volunteer Opportunities

Want to learn about volunteer opportunities at Chabot? There are many ways to get involved at Chabot including evenings, weekends, or during school hours; one-time or on a regular basis.

Please take a moment to indicate the areas that you would like to learn more about HERE.

OUSD Volunteer Requirements

OUSD, partnering with the Oakland Ed Fund, is ready to start registering volunteers. Please click here Link for Volunteer application and click on the “In Person Parent/Guardian Volunteer Registration” to get started.

The profile questions still include the word virtual, but it’s for in class help. Please select “virtual teacher’s aide” and “chaperoning with students in my car” if you plan to drive on any future field trips.

If you have registered on this site in previous years, you can check your status here. Please email osv@oaklandedfund.org with questions.

Please note that proof of Covid-19 vaccine is now a requirement.

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