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Information about the mobile version of Chabot’s directory.

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General information about the monthly Chabot movie event.

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Comprehensive school policies and procedures document.

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Comprehensive school safety plan document.

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Middle School Options

Claremont Knights

After fifth grade, it’s off to middle school for Chabot graduates. Go to to learn about the options process for middle schools within the Oakland Unified School District. The public middle school for Chabot’s district is Claremont Middle School, located next to the Rockridge BART station. Many Chabot graduates attend Claremont Middle School with the classmates and friends they’ve known throughout elementary school. Visit the Claremont Middle School Web site to learn more about the school.

Middle School Committee

The Chabot PTA Middle School Committee focuses on:

  • providing all kinds of information about middle schools
  • helping families negotiate the transition to middle school
  • supporting the links between Chabot and our officially designated middle school, Claremont.

Middle School Committee meetings are open to all. For more info, join the Chabot PTA Middle School Committee Yahoo group.

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