Curriculum and Classes

Chabot Elementary Lower YardFor the past three years, Chabot has been diving deep into the Common Core Standards covering English and language arts, mathematics, history and social science, and science. For reading and writing we use the Lucy Calkins workshops from Teachers College in New York. For Math, we use the OUSD approved Expressions curriculum. Science is a combination of FOSS and Next Generation Science Standards.

All of our courses focus on collaborative learning, inquiry, problem solving and critical thinking. Within this framework, our multi-talented teachers create their own curricula, often team-teaching and creating innovative learning plans.

To supplement the educational resources available through the Oakland Unified School District, the Chabot PTA funds educational enrichment programs in art, music, library/media, science, gardening, and Spanish. See the Educational Enrichment page for more information.

Socio-Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a process through which children and adults develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. These are the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work effectively and ethically. Everyone strengthens their social competencies to connect across race, class, culture, language gender, sexual orientation, and age. At Chabot, we recognize that students need to feel safe, mirrored, and valued in order to be able to engage in the academic rigor we expect from them.

Beginning in September of 2016, all classrooms will be implementing the Caring Schools Community Curriculum.

We also have a site lesson for Inner Explorer’s online Mindfulness program, used by many of the teachers. Additionally, many of our teachers use their own curriculum, activities, and strategies to build community in their classrooms.

For more information on SEL Learning in Oakland Unified School District, please click here.

Upcoming Events

  • October 17:   Great American shake out

  • October 18:   Community Coffee  8:30 am  

  • October 18:   Assembly  2:00 pm  

  • October 18:   Kids Night Out  6:00 pm  

  • October 20:   Carnival  11:00 am  

  • October 22:   PTA Association Meeting  6:30 pm  

  • October 23:   All School Drill

  • October 25:   Make up Picture Day

  • October 27:   Diwalii

  • October 28:   Safety Committee Meeting  8:45 am  

  • October 29:   SSC Meeting  5:15 pm  

  • October 31:   Halloween Parade  2:00 pm  

  • November 1:   First Friday Coffee  8:45 pm  

  • November 1:   Story Telling/Perspective taking

  • November 3:   Daylight Saving Time ends

  • November 4:   Shoo the Flu  8:30 am  

  • November 5:   PTA Board Meeting  6:30 pm