Shoo The Flu – Free Flu Shots for Students

Our school will be hosting a Shoo the Flu Vaccine Day this month.

All students and staff are eligible to receive a flu vaccine through Shoo the Flu. The vaccine is free, regardless of insurance, and is the same vaccine given at any doctor’s office. Once again, the nasal spray flu vaccine (FluMist) will NOT be available this year. This means all health care providers and Shoo the Flu will have only flu shots available. Getting a flu shot is strongly recommended and Shoo the Flu will have enough flu shots for all students with completed consent forms.

Consent forms were distributed in September. A Shoo the Flu Vaccine Day will be held here at school for one day on October, 27 2017. All you will need to do is complete the consent form. Participation is optional – only students with a completed consent form will be vaccinated.

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