Chabot PTA

The Chabot PTA is a local unit of the California State PTA, which is in turn a branch of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, also known as the National PTA. The Chabot PTA works in partnership with OUSD teachers and administrators to support the school’s educational goals through fundraising and volunteerism. The association is structured according to the Chabot PTA Bylaws which define procedures for the election of PTA officers, the establishment of PTA committees, member voting rights, and budgeting and spending.

All parents and guardians of children attending Chabot are encouraged to join the PTA at an annual cost of $10 per person, and to attend the open meetings held during the school year.

What the PTA Funds

The Chabot PTA budget for the 2015-2016 school year supports over $500,000 of vital programs at the school. The primary fundraisers to support this goal are (1) the fall Annual Fund drive, and (2) the spring Auction. Our Annual Fund drive is separate from PTA membership, and we encourage all families to contribute what they are able. Your donations are used to help the school provide:

  • Music, art, science and library for every Chabot student.
  • Daily Spanish instruction for all Kindergarteners.
  • Technology instruction in our Media Lab for all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.
  • Programs that help reduce the achievement gap, such as iReady, Saturday School, and Homework Club.
  • Upgrades to the school site including equipment for the new Science lab.
  • Community-building events, including First Friday coffees, the Ice Cream Social, and Purple & Gold Day.
PTA Officers
  • President
  • Leslie Ayers
  • Executive Vice President
  • Amy Lemley
  • VP of Enrichment Programs
  • Amy Golden
  • VP of Communications
  • Michael Alexander
  • VP of Fundraising
  • Krista Reinhard
  • Secretary
  • Jeff Taner
  • Treasurer
  • Daniel Kramer
  • Financial Secretary
  • –OPEN–
  • Auditor
  • Karie Dewan
  • Historian
  • Deborah McKoy
  • Parliamentarian
  • Samantha Graff
Community & Event Chairs
  • Annual Fund
  • Tracy Boyd
  • Terri Pessutti
  • Andy Singer
  • Auction
  • Rochelle Clewer
  • Natalie Mehta
  • Carnival
  • Amy Hayes
  • Brigid Malabuyo
  • Brandi Smets
  • Room Parent Coordinator
  • Anne Sturgeon
  • Middle School
  • Shona Armstrong
  • Kids’ Night Out
  • Clem Bason
  • Leonora Rodkin
  • Jeremy Rodkin
Enrichment Chairs
  • Art
  • Kerri Hurtado
  • Nicole Vasgerdsian
  • Library
  • Jenna Brotman
  • Emily Sullivan
  • Music
  • Ben Bernstein
  • Joel Ullman
  • Science
  • Laurel Trotter
  • Spanish
  • Mari Morrish
  • Kristan Kirsh
  • After School Programs
  • Isabel Herman
  • Joyce Wu
  • Technology
  • Amy Symons Burke
  • Eric Hallstein
  • Garden
  • Alyssa Cavin
  • Broadcast
  • Adrienne DeAngelo
  • Alyssa Wodtke
  • Webmaster
  • Larry Dolton
  • Google Calendar
  • Michael Alexander
  • Directory
  • Michael Alexander
  • Michelle Wong