About Chabot

Anthony Chabot Elementary SchoolAnthony Chabot Elementary School is a public elementary school located in the Rockridge neighborhood near the northern border of Oakland, California. The school is operated by the Oakland Unified School District.

Chabot provides classes for kindergarten through fifth grade students, and our Special Day Class (special education). The school has a highly diverse student body, with children from many different countries, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Chabot places a high value on academic excellence. Chabot’s SAT/9 scores show that the majority of our students score at or above the 50th percentile in reading, language arts and math.

In addition, we’re proud to provide our students with a broad range of PTA-funded enrichment programs, including art, music, computers, garden and library. We also offer a wide variety of after-school programs, which are coordinated by the PTA.

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Upcoming Events

May 5
PCLAD Pot Luck
Family Reading Night
May 6
Readathon Ends
1st Friday Coffee and Tea 8:35 am
May 10
4/5 Music Concert
May 13
Kids' Night Out 6:00 pm
May 14
Purple and Gold Day
May 17
PTA General Mtg. 6:30 pm
May 22
Garden Work Day: Grade 1 10:00 am