Student Google Accounts Summer Info

2nd-5th grade students have been actively using their OUSD student Google Accounts during this school year. The accounts remain available to students to use over the summer. (These elementary student accounts do NOT have email only Drive.)

Ms. Ettinger, Chabot’s Library Media Teacher, has informed the students of the above and discussed the importance of always being a good digital citizen and safe while using any online account. She stressed that the OUSD account is not a private account, meaning any teacher or any OUSD staff can open a student account at anytime. Therefore, students should never create or write anything in their school account that they would not show to or say in front of a teacher.

Students that are leaving OUSD, 5th graders not moving onto an OUSD middle school and younger students leaving Chabot for whatever reasons, will lose access to their account on September 30th. Before then, if they want to save work, they should follow directions on how to “Google Takeout” by reading the GOOGLE TAKEOUT DOCUMENT or watching the GOOGLE TAKEOUT VIDEO.

Ms. Ettinger highly recommends that every student continue to practice their keyboarding skills by doing TYPING CLUB over the summer. She recommends 3-4 times per week at 6-8 minutes per session. One idea that she has shared with some parents is to allow their child to have choice computer time after they have done 6 minutes or so of Typing Club.