Oakland Day at Chabot : Celebrate the Diversity and History of Oakland!

On Friday, November 18th Chabot students will leave their classrooms and join artists, musicians, and other Oakland notables to share and learn more about Oakland’s exciting past, present – and future!

It is an opportunity for the Chabot community members to come together to learn about and celebrate the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of Oakland. Oakland Day events will include interactive exhibits featuring culture, art, music, and social justice.

In order to make this vision a reality – WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

Oakland Day will only be as successful as the folks that make it possible so please sign up today to lend a hand, an idea or a fun fact no one else may know about Oakland!

Volunteer opportunities include food and drink donations; developing the student Passports; facilitating a workshop or activity; and helping with communications to get the word out.

Please sign up as a volunteer at Oakland Day Volunteer Sign Up!

For complete info, please visit Chabot’s Oakland Day page.