PTA Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the mission of the Chabot PTA?

The Chabot PTA is to positively impact the lives of all children and families at Chabot Elementary. The Chabot PTA operates under the umbrella of the California PTA and is subject to all of its policies and procedures. On average, Chabot had 550 PTA members each school year.

2. What is the size of the Chabot PTA budget?

In the 2017-18 school year, the PTA budget will be $456,840.17.

3. Where does PTA money come from?

100% of funding is provided by the parents of Chabot Elementary. The two biggest fundraising efforts of the year are the Annual Fund ($192,000) and the Spring Auction ($130,496.75). Other fundraising activities include Carnival, Kid’s Night Out, Read-A-Thon, t-shirt sales, corporate matching programs, and scrip programs, such as Amazon.

4. How will the PTA spend its budget in 2015-16?

In the 2017-18 school year, over 87.1% of the PTA budget goes toward staffing. This includes the salaries of the art teacher, the science teacher, the music teacher, two librarians, two Spanish instructors, the technology teacher, four recess monitors and three psychologists. For the first time, the PTA will also fund three* small group specialists in the upcoming year, who will serve as classroom aides to provide support for both remediation and extension learning.

The balance of the funding is used to pay for classroom supplies for teachers, professional development for teachers, special programs for students requiring extra support and administrative costs, such as workers compensation insurance.

5. How have recent changes in state education funding affected Chabot?

In 2013, the State of California changed how it funds K to 12 education, eliminating categorical funding and shifting to a per pupil funding formula. Each district receives a set level of funding per student; supplemental funds are provided for each students who is low-income, an English language learners or in foster care.

This change has meant that schools who serve students with the greatest needs receive more funding. As a whole, Oakland Unified School District has received more funding from the State under this funding structure. But there are some Oakland schools, like Chabot, that don’t have a high concentration of these special student populations and have not received additional funding.** Instead, Chabot continues to reply on the parent community to fund core functions, as it has in the past, such as art, music, library, and much more. For more information about this change in state funding, click here.

6. How is the PTA budget set?

The PTA budget process begins in March of each year, when the PTA Board of Directors convenes a budget committee. This committee consists of the Treasurer, the President, the Vice President of Programs and the Principal, along with any PTA member who is interested in participating. The most recently completed budget committee included a diverse representation of teachers and parents, representing a variety of viewpoints.

Representatives of all enrichment programs submit proposed budgets for the upcoming year. Additionally, input from the broader parent and teacher community is collected through parent/teacher surveys, where parents and teachers provide feedback about how the financial support of the PTA can be best used to support the goals of the school.

With this information, the budget committee holds three to four meetings to discuss the details of the budget. This includes setting fundraising goals to determine the amount of revenue as well as setting spending priorities to determine the level of expense.

This information is summarized into a draft budget that is presented at the April meetings of the PTA Board and full association. Additional work occurs and then the budget committee presents a final budget at the May meetings of the PTA Board and full association.

7. When does the PTA meet?

The PTA meets on the third Thursday of the month, in the months of September, November, January, March, April and May. Childcare and dinner for kids is always provided. The PTA is at its best when we have a broad representation of parents and teachers sharing their thoughts and opinions. We hope you can make it.

* There will be a total of four small group specialists; the PTA will fund three and OUSD will fund the fourth.