PTA Fundraising Events at Chabot

The Chabot PTA coordinates several fundraising events throughout the year. These collective drives fund the critical gap between what the district provides and what we want every student to have including small group specialists, psychologists, enrichment programs, and teacher funds. In addition, this supports additional needs related to health, safety, and technology, where the PTA can play a leading role. Because these programs are not funded by public dollars, the PTA must fundraise.

Annual Fund

The largest and most impactful fundraising drive of the year.


Our annual, on-campus Autumn celebration for the whole community.

Spring Auction

The funnest way to support Chabot. Parties, auctions, activities, and more.

Shop for Chabot

You already buy things. Get them where they give back to Chabot.


An important drive to get our kids reading and raising some funds.


An important drive to get our kids moving and raising some funds.