Auction Parties

Auction parties are a huge part of reaching our fundraising goals, and a big contributor to creating community at Chabot. Hosting an event is a fun way to get to know fellow Chabot community members and raise money for our school. Parties for parents can range from themed dinner parties, wine tastings, sports outings, and fitness and art classes. Kids’ parties offer kids an opportunity to learn a new craft or skill, take a guided hike, or enjoy an afternoon tea party hosted by someone else’s parents. Parties bring together Chabot community members of all ages who share common interests or just want to relax and have some fun. Most parties are hosted by multiple families, who split the cost and share the planning duties. There’s no limit to the fun possible at an auction party, the possibilities are endless. 

Here are some past party ideas: 

  • Progressive dinners
  • Comedy night 
  • Kids or adult crafting afternoon 
  • Cooking lessons 
  • Bake off 
  • Wine tasting 
  • Class campout 
  • Themed dance parties 
  • Brunch hikes/bike rides 
  • Family kickball 
  • Bingo party 
  • Movie night (family or drop off)

Just for Kindergarten families…

It is also a Kindergarten tradition to have a Kindergarten-only party in the spring … parties in past years have included a backyard Biergarten with pretzels, beer and bratwurst; a fiesta with a taco truck; and a hosted party playdate at a park. It is a great opportunity for Kindergarten parents to connect and make new friends and celebrate the end of your child’s first year at Chabot! Every year we need to recruit a new group of Kindergarten parents to join forces to host this party. 

Interested in hosting a party? Reach out to our Parties lead, Elise to learn more! 

Please note, to promote community and inclusivity, all parties will have spots reserved for those interested in participating but are unable to donate the ticket price.