Hybrid Learning

Chabot is Reopening for In-Person Learning!

OEA and OUSD have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to allow for schools to reopen with a phased-in approach beginning with K-2 and high priority students on Tuesday, March 30.

Grades 3-5 are scheduled to return on Monday, April 19. On behalf of all Chabot employees, we are VERY excited to welcome you and your children back to our campus!

Principal’s Corner

K – 2

Story to Read Before Coming Back to Campus
Parent Orientation Slide Deck
Video of Parent Orientation

3 – 5

Parent Orientation Slide Deck
Video of Parent Orientation

UPDATE for K-2, March 23.

Opening Statement from Ms. Cannon

Much more to come


Opening Statement from Superintendent Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell

School Site Information

Readiness Dashboard

Need to Know

Opting In/Out

If you chose Distance Learning Only, but want to opt in for afternoon instruction, you may do so with a form we will distribute, but you must finalize by Friday morning 3/26. There will be a second Opt In Phase beginning April, 19 with a deadline the week before.

Families may opt out of in person learning at any time, but once you do, you can not return until the next entry date due to safety concerns and the need to keep cohorts stable.


OUSD families will use ParentSquare to complete important tasks such as:

  • Completing mandatory daily health screening whenever students come to campus.
  • Receive districtwide messages from OUSD

Please click here for instructions for how to log into ParentSquare. You should also see a direct invite to join shortly.

Reopening FAQs

Further updated info found here

Safety Information

Chabot Safety Agreement

Daily Screening Checks

When students return to campus for in-person instruction, caregivers will need to complete a daily COVID-19 Health Screening Form for their students prior to their students coming onto campus.

How to Screen

Drop off & Pick up

Check back for details when finalized

Hybrid Model

Chabot Safety Agreement

Orientation Materials

Daily Schedule

Please see the tables below for Chabot’s daily schedule, and for a detailed look at the afternoons on campus.

Here are the District’s Sample Schedules for this next phase. Chabot’s schedule looks very much like the one listed for elementary schools, with online instruction with their classroom teacher happening for all students in the morning and in person learning happening in smaller cohorts for those families who opt in.


Chabot students are welcome to attend online Enrichments in the afternoon, according to this schedule.


All students will be in one of three cohorts:

  • COHORT A – In person learning on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.
  • COHORT B – In person learning on Thursday and Friday afternoons.
  • COHORT C – No in person learning – will have an optional small group check in with support staff during afternoon and will have asynchronous work to complete.

Siblings will be in the same A/B cohort. No other requests for A vs B will be considered. We are making these groups based on academic need, balanced groups, Special Ed needs, and siblings. We simply can not accommodate additional preferences.

Daily Schedule

Monday & Tuesday


Thursday & Friday


get ready for school!


9:00 – 11:30


with regular classroom teacher

may include whole class and small groups

11:30 – 12:30

Prep and Lunch

Groups A,B, and C all Async

Prep and Lunch

12:30 – 3:00

Group A 

in person instruction

Group B & C – Async

Group C will have some sessions with Small Group Specialists – details TBD

Group B 

in person instruction

Group A & C – Async

Group C will have some sessions with Small Group Specialists – details TBD

3:00 – 3:15

Teacher Prep Time

Afternoons on Campus

12:30 – 12:50

All students enter through their assigned gates – once cleared by Gate Keeper, they proceed directly to classrooms – trickle in – ONLY STUDENTS ON CAMPUS!!! Parents complete Parent Square before coming to school.

12:50 – 1:20

Students in class – content will vary by teacher and grade



1st, 4th

2nd, 5th

1:25 – 1:40

YARD – By Zone



1:45 – 2:00


YARD – By Zone


2:05 – 2:20



YARD- By Zone

2:20 – 2:55

Students in Class

2:55 – 3:05

Meet parents on Yard in pre designated space

Ongoing Resources

Tech Access

Tech Support: Accessing School Online

 OUSD and Chabot want EVERY student to have their own device for Distance Learning. There are three different options for your family:

  • Purchase your own laptop or device
  • Borrow one from Chabot (or keep the one you borrowed last Spring)
  • If you have a demonstrable need for a permanent device/internet solution also complete the #OaklandUndivided survey (opens Monday, August 3) The #OaklandUndivided program seeks to bridge the digital divide. See the TECH DISTRIBUTION MEMO for details on the qualification process. As these devices will not be available until early September, you should still borrow one from Chabot until they arrive.

If you need a computer, please reach out to margaret.thorp@ousd.org and we will make arrangements.

Chabot Virtual Library
Tech Resources

Getting Help

If times are tough for your family, know that the whole point of the Chabot PTA is to support one another and create an outstanding, nurturing learning environment for each and every child, no matter what’s going on at home.

If your family needs any kind of help, including financial assistance, we’ve set up a special, private email you can reach out to: chabothelpinghands@gmail.com.

Stay up to Date

Each Parent or Caregiver should sign up for the following resources so they can get the most up to date information from Chabot & OUSD

  1. Sign up for the Weekly Chabot Broadcast HERE
  2. Sign up for the OUSD Newsroom HERE
  3. Sync your personal calendar with the Chabot Elementary Google Calendar