Getting Ready for a Teacher Strike

The Oakland Education Association (OEA) which represents our public school’s dedicated teachers, counselors, speech and language therapists, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists and substitute teachers, has voted to authorize a strike if the District does not make an offer they find satisfactory.

This vote only authorizes a strike; a date will not be set until after Fact Finding is completed. The anticipated date for Fact Finding results to be made public is Friday, February 15. The OEA is strike ready and a strike could happen shortly after that date.

Should OEA move forward with a strike, communication will be sent via the Broadcast, Room Parents, and School Messenger, as soon as possible letting families know about our plans. For the moment, you should know that schools will remain open for students who come. At Chabot, if there is a strike, all before and after school programs other than Adventure Time will be canceled; this includes morning Spanish and all PTA after-school classes.

The PTA and room parent organizations cannot take official positions on the strike.  We can, however, forward related information. Please see below for details on how you can prepare for and/or support a potential strike.

Getting Ready for the Teacher Strike

The best way to support teachers is by not crossing the picket line.

Keeping kids home during the strike will give the teachers more leverage and show the community’s support of what teachers are asking for.

Guide for Parents and Guardians Preparing for a Possible Teacher Strike

Classroom Organized Childcare Co-Ops During Strike

Parents are stepping up to support each other with childcare help during the school day so that we can avoid crossing the picket line, and thus support teachers. Room Parents have emailed out a fillable spreadsheet to organize families’ childcare needs for each classroom. This is supplemental to our own personal networks and meant to reach parents who are struggling to find childcare for strike days. If you have childcare to offer or need help finding care for your child, please fill out and consult the google sheet sent out by your Room Parent.  


A Solidarity/Strike School is a parent/guardian run and parent/guardian lead childcare option during the strike. Chabot will be organized by class, not grade. Each family can share their childcare needs and/or availability via google doc. Each class will look different- some students won’t need to participate at all, some students will need to participate every day of the strike. It is up to parents/guardians to decide what activities they want to do at their solidarity/strike location.


The single best way we as a community show support of our teachers is to NOT cross the picket line and keep our kids out of school during the strike. Each day your student is out of school the district does not get paid by the state AND we send a strong message we are standing by our teachers. A strong, early showing of teacher support can also help to keep this strike as short as possible. This is a hardship for many families, which is why through organizing alternative childcare options every family who does not want to cross the picket line will not have to.

Parents United has created the info below to prepare for a possible strike with more detailed info. Check the link below for other ways to support students and teachers through the strike.

Guide for Parents and Guardians Preparing for a Possible Teacher Strike

Chabot Families Organizing to Support Teachers

Many Chabot families have expressed interest in organizing as a community in support of our teachers. Please take this brief survey to add your email to an information list. There may be opportunities to engage in different ways, ranging from childcare swaps to marching in the picket line to organizing an off-site “strike school” to volunteering for Bread for Ed.

Please consult the OUSD web page for up to date communications. You should also read this piece of communication from OUSD.

Find contact information for all Board Members here, for the Superintendent here. Tell them to get it done.

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