Focused and Fearless

In elementary school, children are taught to be kind and inclusive, stand up to hate and bullying, celebrate diversity, take risks, and to do their part to make the world a better place. Today, our children are exposed to a world in which these values are often at odds with what they see and hear in the news and on social media.

Focused and Fearless is the result of a school-wide advocacy project at Chabot Elementary to empower students to use their creativity and their voices in celebration of love over hate. After learning about the history of protest and social change movements in America through videos, historic images, and iconic songs, students created original video content and sang along to the song “Focused and Fearless”.

The song was written by their music teacher (Foxtail Pines) and features over 500 young people using their voices and actions to inspire kindness and positivity in the world around them.

For anyone who wants a reminder of how amazing Chabot really is, be sure to check out the Focused and Fearless Video

Especially while we can not be physically together, it is a tremendous gift to see our students singing, holding hands, and being together at school. I am very grateful to Adam Schraft and the hours of work he put into making this project come to life.