Earn Money for Chabot, While Saving Your Money!

Chabot is partnering with1st United Services Credit Union – Rockridge Branch, a community-based, not-for-profit credit union with a unique fundraising program.

When you open a qualifying account with 1st United they will donate $25 to Chabot, AND deposit $25 into a savings account for you, too!

1st United offers youth savings, checking, auto loans, personal loans, home loans/HELOC, credit cards and more.

You can visit http://1stunitedcu.org/schools to apply for an account – including a youth savers account. Or, stop by their branch located at 6300 College Ave in the new Safeway Shopping center.

Enter promo code CHABOT or mention this promotion. When you do, 1st Union will donate $25 to Chabot AND deposit $25 into your new account.