Donations for the March Chabot GALA-XY Auction

In order for an auction to raise money, we have to have things to auction off. And EVERYONE can help.

Do you have an interesting workplace for a tour? Do your backyard chickens lay the best eggs? Do you make beautiful ceramics? Do you have 2 tickets to a play? Do you have a family timeshare vacation property? If you’re skilled or artistic or bake a mean biscuit the Chabot Auction needs your donation! 

You don’t have to be exceptionally rich or talented to contribute. Be creative, and if you have a half-baked idea, reach out to us for help.

Almost any skill/talent/service/object can be turned into a good auction item. Be creative, and if you have a half-baked idea, reach out to Laurel or Michelle for help turning it into a winner (Or they’ll steer you in a better direction.

The deadline for donations is Friday,  Feb. 15. Thank you!