earthenware pot, string of dried chilis, bowl of salt, and dish with colorful salad on a brown tablecloth

Chabot celebrates the power of stories

During the months of November and December, Chabot celebrates THE POWER OF STORYTELLING – 

Throughout our classes, students learn that we all have stories and that these stories can teach us so much – about ourselves, our families, our cultures, and the world.  We honor Oral Tradition and practice our listening and speaking skills.

Storytelling Potluck

Tuesday, December 6, 5:30 – 6:45pm

Please join us for a special Family Storytelling Potluck! Gather in MPR to share your family story. Bring a favorite dish and a short write up of the story it tells.

School day Storytelling assemblies

Friday, December 2 with Diane Ferlatte

Thursday, December 9