chabot elementary annual fund 2020-21

Chabot Annual Fund 2020-21

Hello Chabot Families!

It’s so wonderful to be back in “community” with you all – even if that community looks and feels a little different from in years past. It’s in times like this that the Chabot community is that much more important, and the need for us all to come together is even stronger felt.

In this spirit, we’re excited to launch this year’s Annual Fund!

What is the Annual Fund?

For those of you who are new to Chabot or who need a refresher, the Annual Fund is the Chabot PTA’s biggest annual fundraising campaign. The Chabot PTA exists to support the school community and to fill the $550,000 gap between what OUSD gives Chabot, and what it takes to run our amazing school. This year, filling this gap feels even more critical, because it will fund small group specialists, psychologists, enrichment programs, and teacher funds. In addition, we anticipate additional needs related to health and safety and technology, where the PTA will likely play a leading role. But because these programs are not funded by public dollars, the PTA needs to fundraise. That’s where the Annual Fund comes in.

When is the Annual Fund?

It starts now! The PTA is running a 100-day Annual Fund campaign that starts August 25th and ends on December 1st – Giving Tuesday. Our goal is for 100 percent of Chabot families to participate in this year’s Annual Fund during that time.

Why should I contribute?

In order to maintain our current enrichment programs and support Chabot’s diverse community, both this year and in the future, the PTA is asking for a suggested donation of $950 per child, based on your family’s ability to give.

We know that this is a tough time. If your family is not able to give at this level, any type of participation is greatly appreciated. That might be a $5 donation, or even an offer to help behind-the-scenes with the Annual Fund (just email our co-chairs below!) However, to emerge from this crisis truly resilient, we need to be able to continue to provide the resources that this PTA budget covers, like technical tools and support, and enrichment programming (whether delivered live or via Zoom). And, we need to support our teacher community, who devote their lives to the education of our children. Several teacher and staff salaries are paid for by the PTA budget, and we need to raise funds in order to keep them on the payroll. So, if you can give, we’re asking that you do so to keep our school programming alive.

What’s new this year?

The Chabot community has always stood in solidarity with our fellow schools in the district. This year, we’d like to go further. Recognizing that many communities in Oakland are the hardest hit in this crisis, and have historically been under-resourced, for the first time, we’re allocating a portion of the PTA budget to Chabot’s Community Engagement committee – this parent-led committee will think about how to allocate these funds to advance equity and justice across Oakland (this may include donations to organizations and causes working at the forefront of equity in Oakland). Further, we will be allocating an additional portion to the Equity & Inclusion Committee, who will continue to think about those within the Chabot community who could use additional support (emotional, financial, and otherwise) during this period.

How to give

Donations to the Annual Fund can be made in two easy ways:


Please reach out to this year’s volunteer co-chairs, Meera Chary & Erin O’Hara at

Important dates

August 25. Annual Fund Campaign launches
December 1. 100-day drive ends

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