“Caring for Ourselves, Caring for Each Other and Caring for Our Community.”

In November, we turn our focus to the larger Oakland community beyond Chabot. Throughout the month, students will have opportunities in class to learn about Oakland’s amazing diversity and rich history. This learning will culminate on the afternoon of November 16 when our school becomes a learning lab filled with Oakland artists, writers, scientists, activists, and musicians — all here to share their diverse talents with our students.
Our celebration of Oakland invites a lot of family participation. One of the best ways to get involved as a family is to work with your child to complete the Oakland Passports, which will be sent home sometime in the next week. These passports invite families to visit a variety of places in Oakland and capture the experiences through drawings, photos, and writings. The passport includes a  list of different places and sites in Oakland that you can take your child to. These are just suggestions, the only requirement is that the places visited are in Oakland. Some are a quick drive by and others are places that you can spend a long time visiting. This is about what works for your family. On the back cover there is space to write questions that your child may have about Oakland, which will be used in the classrooms.