Student Site Council Invites You to Learn More About SSTs and IEPs

Does your child have a 504 plan?  An IEP?  Do you need an SST?  What the What??

For many of our children, the journey in early education begins with a realization that learning may come with some challenges.  No one learns the same.  Some of our children have unique ways of learning that require early intervention and a plan to help them succeed.

Navigating the education system to find the necessary tools and support can be daunting, even on a rich campus like Chabot.  Identifying when a child needs help with learning challenges and when to engage our teachers and administrators for a productive dialogue can be difficult for many families.

Some of these conversations can be hard and extremely emotional. Families can feel shunned and judged by other parents in the class. These families need our support to help find their way for the betterment of their children’s education and inclusion on our campus.

SSC will be exploring the topic at our next meeting. Come learn what an SST and IEP are and hear from families like you on how to support our most gifted children at our next meeting on Tuesday, January 26 at 7 pm see details below:

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