Middle School Options

After fifth grade, it’s off to middle school for Chabot graduates. Go to enroll.ousd.k12.ca.us to learn about the options process for middle schools within the Oakland Unified School District.

Claremont KnightsThe public middle school for Chabot’s district is Claremont Middle School, located next to the Rockridge BART station. Many Chabot graduates attend Claremont Middle School with the classmates and friends they’ve known throughout elementary school. Visit the Claremont Middle School Web site to learn more about the school.

Middle School Committee

The Chabot PTA Middle School Committee focuses on:

  • providing all kinds of information about middle schools
  • helping families negotiate the transition to middle school
  • supporting the links between Chabot and our officially designated middle school, Claremont.

Middle School Committee meetings are open to all. For more info, join the Chabot PTA Middle School Committee Yahoo group.

Here’s what some recent Chabot graduates have to say about Claremont:

“My experience at Claremont has been really great so far. My teachers have been outstanding. I love the way they challenge me and make me think. There is so much diversity at Claremont–it has given me a great opportunity to understand different cultures and how different people think. I was really surprised when I started 6th grade at how many students went out of their way to be friendly. I’ve made friends from all over Oakland. Claremont has offered me so many opportunities, such as being a student leader, going on overnight field trips, participating in district competitions, being in the orchestra, playing on three different sports teams, meeting NASA scientists, I could go on and on. Claremont has helped me grow. It has helped me achieve more independence and taught me how to be flexible. I’m really looking forward to great 7th and 8th grade years!”
–Lucy Flattery-Vickness, 7th Grade

“I am enjoying Claremont so far. I love the way the teachers can push you to do your best, which is how I thrive. Whether it is Math, English, Science, or History, I love school. Also, my elective is Spanish, a fun language to learn. One thing I really liked is P.E. – we played all games and are doing yoga as well. All of the teachers are as helpful and encouraging as teachers can be. Mrs. Ferrell, for instance, can be strict, but can surprise you with her humor, something you wouldn’t normally find in an English teacher. Ms. Haulcy is shy, but encouraging, an essential for Math. Ms. Lefkowitz is so effective and contacts your family about any missed homework or upcoming events – good for your parents, but not for you if your homework is stuck in your locker! Mr. Lesser is a great teacher, funny and good at catching details. If you finish lessons quickly, he might have time to make you laugh. Overall, the teachers are all good at what they do – who could ask for more? So far my Claremont experience has been as good as any.”
–Tess Falkner-Kenny, 6th Grade

“Life at Claremont is as good as it can be. All my teachers are great. Each teacher has a great personality and all of them have significant personal experiences. My history teacher comes from Hawaii so we have done many fun activities such as a sage ceremony. Minimum days are great as well because we get out at 12:55, which most schools don’t offer. We have many great places to stop and eat such as Zachary’s, Dreyers, and Las Palmas. Making friends is very easy at Claremont. Many people are nice at Claremont. Claremont also provides an after school program. They have activities such as flag football, volleyball, 3d modeling, video making, hip hop, a great garden program and much more. I personally take flag football. This is my second year playing for the team. The coach is great and many people like him. Homework has been a great experience. You learn things everyday in every class. Personally I think Claremont is the best middle school in the district.”
–Sam van Zuthem, 7th Grade

“I think it’s a good school all the way around. That’s just my personal opinion. I like the teachers. They’re really nice. Mr. Garcia is nice. He doesn’t take B.S., though.”
–Ian McCarthy, 6th Grade

“You may have heard the rumors of ‘Oh, Claremont is a bad school.’ However, it really is not. Actually, my friends and I were just speaking about this topic. We were saying we really enjoy Claremont. I feel at this school I’ve become a more mature person. I have a lot of opportunity with everything! I’ve expanded my horizons and am now friends with a lot more people. I think the diversity in our community has helped me mature and expand. I think being at this school I feel I am able to be intelligent and outgoing and show my personality traits to others.”
–Grace Brekke, 7th Grade

“I like Claremont because it is a really nice school and there is a lot to learn. I have gone to Claremont for two years now, and I know that rumors about it are fake. The teachers care about us, and the new Principal is really cool. Lots of kids succeed at Claremont. There is a lot to offer for everyone, such as Orchestra, Band, Art, Computers, Spanish, and also Algebra 1 for 7th graders. The teachers are extremely nice and want to make sure that everyone learns a lot. I really enjoy Claremont, and I think other students will too.”
–Tanner Anderson, 7th Grade

“I am a 7th grader at Claremont Middle School. In the time I’ve been at Claremont I’ve learned all about the good things and people at the school. All the teachers help you learn and accomplish things so you can get good grades. They also are just good people and make sure you have a positive learning environment. I like the fact that Claremont is my neighborhood school. It’s always fun to meet your friends in the morning and walk to school with them. Another good thing about Claremont is the different backgrounds and cultures of the students that go to school there. Many people think of Claremont as a dangerous school. I disagree because I think it is just a school that gets you ready for high school. Another great thing about Claremont is the after school program, which is a lot like AT, but with cooking, gardening, animation, cheerleading and more.”
–Mac Bissell, 7th Grade

“I’m an 8th grader now at Claremont Middle School. I was also here for sixth and seventh grade. I think that everyone, at Chabot and at all elementary schools, should consider this for their middle school. Some awesome things are happening here like the computer lab that has an amazing program called Maya that teaches you how to do computer animation. If you continue in the computer animation courses for 6th through 12th grade, you will be, right out of Oakland Tech, ready for a computer animation job. 

Also, the band in my opinion is one of the best things here. We have the most awesome teacher, Ms Briggs, who is not only really nice, but is really an amazing teacher for band and orchestra. But Ms Briggs isn’t the only great teacher here. Ms. Ferrell is another. She’s been at Claremont a long time. She was here when my brother, who is 22 years old and about to graduate from UCLA, went here. Ms. Martin, who teaches science, is also amazing, as well as Ms. Parker and Mr. Seiden. We have a lot of new teachers and a new principal, too. They all seem super enthusiastic. 

In all, Claremont has a lot to offer, and with all the recent changes it has had, it looks like it will have more and more to offer. Please think about Claremont Middle School for your middle school. We want you.”
–Marco Martinez, 8th Grade

“I think Claremont is the perfect middle school for me. The teachers there teach in ways that make you want to pay attention. For example, they don’t just write down the assignment and expect you to copy it down. My teachers at Claremont have students participate by coming up to the board, they ask us questions and make us explain what we are thinking. Also, the homework and assignments are enjoyable. Last week, Ms. Lefkowitz, my world history teacher, had us make a timeline of our lives. This was a great assignment because we had to include drawings and color to add to the words. Before the school year started I worried about things like getting lost, not being able to open my locker, changing my clothes for P.E., and getting picked on by the older kids. It turns out that I didn’t really need to worry about that stuff. I had heard about fights at Claremont and I have actually seen a few, but I feel totally safe at Claremont. There is a security guard, the teachers watch the halls, and the Claremont students are nice. Overall, I am so glad that I go to Claremont because I feel safe, happy, and excited to learn in my own neighborhood.”
–Chase Barloga, 6th Grade, son of Chabot teacher, Ms. Barloga

“Claremont is a safe environment and has great teachers and administration. Every morning when I go to school I am happy to meet the great friends I have made. The kids at Claremont middle school are kind and nice to be around, they listen to the teachers without arguing. Claremont has a good play ground for everyone to play on and has a clean schoolyard. The school and the gym are big and beautiful; it also has all the school colors. I also like all the afterschool programs that help students with their homework and the after school sports teams. I like how the teachers stay after school to help kids with their schoolwork or with their missing schoolwork. Lastly the administration helps kids with any trouble they are having with a person or in school and with their lockers.”
–Azariah Douglas, 6th Grade

“I like the fact that they have an actual class in computer animation during the day, not just after school. And TWO media labs! P.E. is basically recess because it’s 50 minutes, and lunch is only 30 minutes for eating and playing.”
–Kurtis Vetter, 6th Grade