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Virtual Library

Virtual Library

Ms. Ettinger, Chabot’s Library Media Teacher, maintains a fantastic Virtual Library web page filled with excellent links for online learning and fun for all ages.
Current Highlights
Common Sense Media is an online resource that provided unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help kids harness the power of media and technology as a positive force. In addition to excellent reviews of apps, websites, games and more, they have a new “Parent Resources” section covering many important topics.
Here are excellent Family Tip Sheets from Common Sense Media:

All 3rd-5th graders have Typing Club accounts and can login from home to continue learning the basics – just 6-7 minutes a day will help to build muscle memory and improve the typing skills. For all grades, there are a variety of links to explore, such as Typing Rocket and Typing Adventure under the “Typing Practice” section.

Facebook — Chabot

Visit the Chabot Facebook page for information and photos of the latest activities.

Facebook — Chabot School Art Program

Visit the Chabot Facebook page for information and photos of the latest activities.
YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Chabot’s YouTube Channel contains a variety of short, edited videos on PTA topics and Chabot events.
Current Highlights
BULLYING IS NOT COOL — October is National Bullying Prevention Month and this fun, short video presents the important points of the Chabot Anti-Bullying Pledge. The video was created by two Chabot parents: Dane Frederickson and his company Digital Accomplice created the story and animation; Larry Dolton provided the sound design and sound mixing.


On the Chabot Flickr page you’ll find galleries of photos from recent and past Chabot events.

Upcoming Events

  • September 23:   Gardening Day  10:00 am  

  • September 24:   Safety Committee Meeting  8:45 am  

  • September 25:   Stand with Teachers  8:15 am  

  • September 25:   Stand with Teachers  2:50 pm  

  • September 28:   No ASP Classes

  • September 28:   No School

  • September 29:   Putting Equity at the Center — A Forum for Parents in OUSD  1:00 pm  

  • October 2:   PTA Board Meeting  6:30 pm  

  • October 5:   TGIFF Coffee/Tea  8:45 am  

  • October 5:   No ASP Classes

  • October 5:   Minimum Day

  • October 5:   Parent Teacher Conferences

  • October 8:   Parent Teacher Conferences - all week

  • October 8:   No ASP classes all week

  • October 8:   Minimum day all week