After-School Programs

The goal of the After-School Programs is to provide a high-quality and substantive supplement to our children’s curriculum in order to facilitate a well-balanced education. The enrichment program allows them to pursue current interests or explore something new while having fun at the same time.

Spring 2015 Session

The Chabot After-School Programs Committee has organized a lineup of approximately 30 providers offering over 30 enrichment classes. For the spring, we have a new class returning for a second semester, Future Baseball Stars! for your baseball enthusiast; provider Cooking Around the World will be serving up a Cooking class on Wednesdays; Richard Rocha returns with his Bobcats Tennis Club offering classes for all age levels, and After School Hoops® and Climbing are back on Mondays and Thursdays, respectively.

Musical Theater’s “The Jungle Book” is a new theme for spring session. We have Circus of Smiles offering a “Comedy, Clowning and Circus” class on Mondays for your comedian or class clown and Puppetry and Set Design on fridays; Jennifer Linderman’s “Origami” class on Fridays for all age levels; and finally Darnell Carroll and Mario Ponce’s “Hip Hop Dance class” where kids get to learn the latest moves from the directors of an award winning Bay area hip hop dance company (Funk Beyond Control).

The program schedule, course descriptions and enrollment information are available online (see below) or in the school office.

Open the Spring 2015 After-School Programs Catalog
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Open the Spring 2015 After-School Programs Schedule
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The spring session runs for 10 weeks starting Monday, March 23, and ending on Friday June 5. Monday, Tuesday and Fridays have only 9 meetings. There will be no After-School Programs held on the following holidays:

  • March 31 Cesar Chavez Day
  • April 6-10 Spring Break
  • May 22 Lincoln’s Birthday (in lieu of)
  • May 25 Memorial Day

Some classes, such as Carpentry, differ from the above stated schedule. Please read the catalog carefully!

How to Register

Enrollment opens on Thursday, March 12, 2015 and CLOSES WEDNESDAY MARCH 18, 2015. Enrollment forms received prior to March 12 will be held and considered received on March 12, the first day of enrollment. Many providers accept registrations on a first-come, first-served basis, while popular classes may hold a lottery. Some providers with overcapacity may run a lottery for all registrations received prior to the first day of enrollment. Expedited payment can be helpful in securing a spot.

All program providers manage their own enrollment. All enrollment forms and payment should be forwarded directly to the providers. The catalog lists the provider’s preferred enrollment method. Some providers have online registration with specific instructions to follow. For providers that accept enrollment via e-mail, please e-mail the enrollment form to the providers to ensure they have complete information for your family.

For providers accepting registrations by mail, remember to complete a separate enrollment form for each class in which you would like to register your child/children. Checks should be made payable to the provider.

Use the link below to access the enrollment form. Hard copies of the enrollment form are also available in the Chabot office.

Download the Generic Enrollment Form [PDF]

After-School Programs and Child Care

After-School Programs classes are taught by independent program providers. They are not affiliated with Adventure Time, Chabot, or other child care services. (Adventure Time is an independent before- and after-school day care service, with a Chabot branch on campus.) The Chabot office and Adventure Time will receive a roster of students enrolled in each after-school class.

Students in grades 1-5 should walk to their After-School class independently. There are many classes that do not start immediately after the school day, and many have different end times. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the student is either enrolled in Adventure Time, or is supervised by an adult, if an After-School class begins more than 10 minutes after the end of the school day. Adventure Time staff will only assist children that are enrolled in Adventure Time with their After-School class schedules.

At the conclusion of each After-School class, providers must release students of all grade levels to a parent, guardian, or authorized adult unless they will be going directly to Adventure Time. Parents, guardians or authorized adults must be prompt in picking up their children from After-School classes. Program providers will no longer release any child from class until a parent, guardian or authorized adult is present for pick up. Repeated tardiness may result in your child being dropped from class, or the loss of your scholarship.

Neither the school nor Adventure Time is responsible for the child’s whereabouts once the school day has ended. Ultimately, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure your child is picked up, not that of the Chabot office, teachers, or Adventure Time.

Special Considerations for Kindergartners

Kindergartners who are attending a class directly after dismissal will be picked up by the program providers at the rear of the kindergarten building and escorted to their After-School class. After class, kindergartners enrolled in Adventure Time will be accompanied back to Adventure Time. Only kindergartners who are enrolled in Adventure Time, or are delivered by a parent / caretaker, can take classes that are not immediately after dismissal (e.g., Carpentry at 4:20pm). The Chabot office, Adventure Time, and providers are not responsible for walking kindergartners between back-to-back after-school classes. Adventure Time staff will only assist children that are enrolled in Adventure Time with their After-School class schedules.


After-School Program Scholarships enable all Chabot children to have access to After-School Program classes regardless of economic circumstances. All program providers offer one full scholarship per session. Because there are a limited number of spots, scholarships will be awarded on a need-based honor system. Need is defined as children who would otherwise not be able to afford After-School Program classes, but for scholarships. Families who qualify for free or reduced lunch will have priority.

The Chabot office will manage all scholarship awards. The priority is for every child to be able to take one specialty class per year, so scholarships will be limited to one per family. Please be considerate of the value of these scholarships, and only list classes on the Scholarship Request Form that your child is enthused to take, and that you can commit your child to taking. Please submit the Scholarship Request Form to the Chabot office by Tuesday, March 17, 2015. Do not submit an Enrollment Form to the providers. Parents will be notified of scholarship awards by March 20, 2015.

Use the link below to access the scholarship request form:

Download the Scholarship Request Form [PDF]

Please direct all scholarship questions to Celia Bermeo at or (510) 654-4884.

Ensuring Success

To ensure the success and continuation of the After-School Programs, please observe the following:

  • Students of all grade levels must be released to a parent, guardian, or authorized adult at the conclusion of each After-School class, unless they will be going directly to Adventure Time.
  • Please be prompt when picking your child up from classes. Parents who are late may be charged a late fee by the Provider, or be dropped from the class.
  • Providers are responsible for contacting parents if a class is cancelled due to weather or teacher illness. Please be sure the providers have accurate emergency contact information to reach you the day of class in the event of a last-minute class cancellation. If your child is already enrolled in Adventure Time, your child will be directed to AT. If your child is not enrolled in AT, it is ultimately the parent’s responsibility to ensure your child is picked up, not that of the Chabot office or AT.
  • Classes with low enrollment may be cancelled and your money returned by the instructor.
  • Please ensure your child knows the time and place of their After-School class. If your child is not in class or Adventure Time before an After-School class, please be sure to provide proper supervision to your child/children as needed.
  • Adventure Time will receive a roster of students and will escort enrolled AT students to and from After-School classes.
  • Students should be on their best behavior on the way to, waiting for, during, and walking from classes.


If you have questions about a specific after-school class, please contact the program providers directly. If you have general questions about Chabot’s After-School Programs, please contact the After-School Programs committee (Kristie Krishnan, Alisa Svenson, and Jenna Bates) at