After-School Programs

Fall 2018-19 Session

Chabot’s After-School Programs provide enrichment classes that allow children to pursue interests or explore new activities while having fun. With more than 30 enrichment classes offered each session, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Fall 2018 ENROLLMENT:  8/6 – 8/22
Fall 2018 SESSION: 8/27-11/16
No After-School Program classes on:
9/3, 9/5, 9/28,
10/5- 10/12
 for conferences,
10/19, 11/12


To streamline our booking, we are excited to announce that we have adopted a new system called Homeroom that will allow you to sign up and track enrichment classes all in one place.

Click here for Homeroom where you’ll find  for the weekly overview of classes. Enrollment begins on Aug 6th.

In advance of enrollment opening, feel free to view the schedule. There are a few last classes coming in, but everything will be finalized by August 6th.


All program providers offer one full scholarship per session, awarded on a need-based honor system (limit: 1 per family/session). Need is defined as children who would otherwise not be able to afford After-School Program classes, but for scholarships. Families who qualify for free or reduced lunch will have priority. Please only apply for classes that your child is committed to taking.

To apply for a scholarship:

Download the Scholarship Request Form  Fill it out and submit it to Ms. Bermeo in the Chabot office by Wednesday, August 15th. (Do not submit an Enrollment form to the providers.) Parents will be notified via email of scholarship awards by Friday, August 17th.

For questions about scholarships, please contact Celia Bermeo at or (510) 654-4884.

Child Safety

After-School Programs classes are taught by independent program providers. They are not affiliated with Adventure Time, Chabot, or other childcare services.
Protocol for ASP drop-off and pick-up:
For classes starting immediately after school: Providers meet Kindergartners in the Kindergarten yard if the class starts immediately after school. Students in Grades 1-5 walk independently to their After-School class.
For classes starting more than 10 minutes after the end of the school day: The parent or guardian is responsible for ensuring that the student is either enrolled in Adventure Time or supervised by an adult between the end of school and the beginning of the ASP class.
Pick-up from After-School Programs: Neither the school nor Adventure Time is responsible for a child’s whereabouts once the school day has ended.
• Only students enrolled in AT will be escorted to AT after class.
• At the conclusion of each After-School class, providers must release students of all grade levels to a parent, guardian, or authorized adult (unless the child is enrolled in Adventure Time.)
• Parents, guardians, or authorized adults must be prompt in picking up children from After-School classes. Repeated tardiness may result in your child being dropped from class or the loss of your scholarship.

Ensuring Success

To ensure the success and continuation of the After-School Programs, please observe the following:
• Make sure that providers have accurate emergency contact information. Providers will contact parents directly if class is cancelled due to weather or teacher illness. Providers should also call parents if an enrolled student is not present.
• Classes with low enrollment may be cancelled and your money returned by the instructor.
• Please ensure your child knows the time and place of their After-School class.
• If your child is not enrolled in Adventure Time, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY(not that of the Chabot office or AT) to supervise your child before the start of class.
• Please inform your child’s provider directly if your child is absent from school or will be leaving school early and not attending class. Accounting for absent students takes up time, detracts from valuable class activities, and is unfair to other students.


If you have questions about a specific After-School class, please contact the program providers directly. If you have general questions about Chabot’s After-School Programs, please contact the After-School Programs committee (Heta Dave & Chinwe Hinton) at

Upcoming Events

  • October 24:   Fall All School Safety Drill  1:00 pm  

  • October 24:   Moms' Night Out!  7:00 pm  

  • October 26:   Safety Assembly  2:00 pm  

  • October 26:   Kids Night Out (KNO)  6:00 pm  

  • October 26:   Shoo the Flu

  • October 27:   Bay Area Science Festival  10:00 am  

  • October 28:   Gardening Day  10:00 am  

  • October 29:   Safety Committee Meeting  8:45 am  

  • October 31:   Halloween Parade  1:00 pm  

  • November 2:   TGIFF Coffee/Tea  8:45 am  

  • November 4:   Daylight Saving Time Ends

  • November 5:   Winter ASP Registration Opens

  • November 6:   PTA Board Meeting  6:30 pm  

  • November 6:   Dining For Dollars At Jules Thin Crust  11:30 am