Chabot PTA Introduces School Directory App for Smartphones

mobile_connectoryIn February 2013 the Chabot PTA introduced a new initiative to give parents access to the school directory via a mobile smartphone app called Mobile Connectory. This is not an “online directory” – it is a mobile directory that can only be viewed via the smartphone app using valid login credentials. Only parents of Chabot students can create valid login credentials and be able to open/use the Directory App.

In order to access the mobile directory, parents can download the app for free and then must subscribe to the Chabot Directory content through their online Parent Account. Normally this subscription costs $1.99 per school year. For the 2012-2013 school year, however, we have been offered a free trial, so that parents may subscribe to the mobile directory content for free using a promo code available from the PTA.

Click this link to download a PDF document with details about how to subscribe and use the Mobile Connectory app. (Note: The promo code used to get the app for free during the 2012-2013 school year has been blocked out in this PDF; to get the code, email Chabot PTA VP Communications Latisha Bourelly at